A Davenport-based restaurant is cohabiting a space with a popular bar/live-music venue in Dubuque. While the businesses will remain separate entities, together, they'll be able to attract a variety of clientele with both of their distinct offerings.

Kitchen Brigade will now be operating at Fox Den Motel on Main Street in Dubuque. While Fox Den Motel provides drinks, events, and concerts, Kitchen Brigade will focus on supplying the food, as reported in the Telegraph Herald.

Kitchen Brigade doesn't seek to bring "cookie-cutter bar food" to Dubuque, said owner Chad Cushman to the Telegraph Herald. All menu items are fresh, including the burger buns and sauces for their wings. The goal is to bring lunch items to the menu as well, something not present in the Davenport eatery.

The Fox Den Motel is also a relatively new business in Dubuque. They opened in July with the goal to bring an inviting bar atmosphere and live music to the area. Both proprietors are hoping the businesses go hand-in-hand. Folks seeking live music and cocktails will be delighted at the food options available, and those seeking food will be primed to enjoy music and maybe even a cocktail while they eat.

Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages, Getty Images
Photo Credit: monkeybusinessimages, Getty Images

Cushman added that the first time they did a pop-up restaurant at Fox Den, they were met with overwhelming success. Several people told Cushman personally that they had just eaten the best burger in Dubuque, which helped prompt the expansion to the Tri-States, coupled with the success Kitchen Brigade was already experiencing in the Quad Cities.

Fox Den Motel opens at 4pm Tuesday through Saturday; Kitchen Brigade opens at 4pm Wednesday through Saturday. The Fox Den Motel is located at 920 Main Street in Dubuque.


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