For many moons, Iowa has been synonymous with corn. In 2019, Iowa farmers produced around 2.58 billion bushels of the stuff for grain, and harvested 13.1 million acres, according to the U.S. Department of Agricultural Statistics. However, people confuse "feed corn" with "sweet corn" all the time. Less than one percent of the nation's sweet corn (the type we, humans, like to eat) is grown in Iowa each year, which rounds out to about 3,400 acres.

But I still think it won't stop Iowans from feeling represented in the latest viral TikTok video, which is as adorable as they come.

The video features a young boy and a half-gnawed, grilled corn-cob. The boy is so in love with corn, its "juices," and the fact it only tastes better with butter that he can't help but sing its praises when faced with a reporter's microphone.

The reporter in question is Julian Shapiro-Barnum, who hosts the web-show Recess Therapy, where he interviews kids from two to nine-years-old. The show, among other things, has proven that kids are one of the only groups of people who say what's truly on their mind. Once in a while, a kid stands out from the crowd and the little boy in this video does so with the assist from a bright yellow delicacy.

The boy, whose identity I couldn't confirm, comes with a lot of insights and keen observations in the first 30 seconds alone. "Ever since I was told that corn was real, it tasted good!" he tells the reporter, who was taken aback by the thought the boy might've thought corn wasn't real prior to him attending what looks to be an outdoor festival.

The youngster, who has gone on to be colloquially known as "Corn Boy," claims that "everything changed" when he tried the delicious vegetable with butter. "Mmm corn!" His reactions are as pure as his heart. "I can't imagine a more beautiful thing," he adds after saying he plays a variety of games, including hide and seek and tag (but never "lava monster").

Not everyone has to like [corn for it] to be the best. They just have to try it!

But wait, there's more! You might know The Gregory Brothers, or "schmoyoho," a comedy quartet that has become synonymous with "song-ifying" viral clips and videos by way of pitch correction. Michael Gregory, the de-facto leader of the group, took to his keyboard and gave "Corn Boy" the musical treatment.

The end result is an infectious remix.

Although the video looks to be filmed on the east coast (judging by a local truck visible in the background), this toddler's unabashed love for corn will resonate in the hearts of Midwesterners, who proudly make it a staple of all their county fairs. Tip of the cap to Corn Boy!

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