I was raised a baseball fan, but I now have a new appreciation for college football.

How lucky was I to have two tickets to the Iowa/Penn State game land in my lap last Thursday? Pretty lucky I guess.

I really don't follow college football at all. The Hawks could have been playing any opponent and it would have all seemed the same to me. As I mentioned to friends I was heading to the game, most of them became immediately envious of my great fortune.

"How much do you want for the tickets?"

I'm so glad I held onto them. I've been to Kinnick Stadium in the past, but it's rare to attend a sporting event where the venue seems to be absolutely electric, which is exactly how I would define the atmosphere at the game.

The crowd was loud and totally into the game, from the first kick to the final seconds. And that crowd pulsating onto the field at the end of the game... it was like nothing I've ever seen before.

To boot, I was told they were "striping the stadium," which meant you were encouraged to wear either black or gold, depending on which section you were in. The majority of those in attendance did just that.

I've heard of fairweather fans, but you could feel the passion that Hawkeye fans had for their team - win or lose - and I'm so glad they managed to pull out the 'W,' which made the experience even cooler.

Get onboard the train! The Iowa Hawkeyes are currently 6 and 0, and there's still a lot of great football to come!

~Chris Farber

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