I was feeling bad for myself earlier today as I stared at my notepad at my daily 'to do' list. It was already long, and then a piece of equipment wasn't working right and I was getting frustrated.

A few hours later our Operations Manager, Ken, popped by the studio.

"The Pentagon just announced their was a bombing at the Kabul Airport."

I immediately went to my ABC News source and saw the first few headlines trickling in. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and my mind went immediately to my two nephews. Alec, a Marine and Brandon, our Air Force Airman.

Luckily, one is stationed in California and the other is stationed in Italy, but as the headlines started to report "confirmed deaths" I started to get a heavy heart.

I had the sudden realization that maybe my day really wasn't that bad.

While I'm writing this, 13 Marines are reported dead and 18 others injured, with dozens of Afghan civilian casualties.

I always think about those fallen soldiers and their families back home who will get the devastating news that their loved one will not return. I think of moms and dads losing a son or daughter, a husband or wife losing their spouse, and a son or daughter who will never get to see their mom or dad again.

Tonight as you kick back in your easy chair, eat your favorite dinner and watch your favorite TV show... remember that there are hardworking, dedicated troop members that are putting their lives on the line so we can have those freedoms.

And as you tuck your children into bed and kiss them goodnight, remember those folks who serve our country who may not come home again and do the same.

Thank you for service. God bless America.

~Chris Farber


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