People consume content from everything. Radio, television, movies, computers... While I'm in my 40s, I still primarily use radio and tv. During quarantine I'm constantly trying to pull my son away from the television.

While he's not watching traditional tv channels, he uses the 'smart' part of our television and streams 50 different YouTube channels.

A few weeks ago he was watching a channel and told me I should sit down and check it out.

He was watching a channel called "MrBeast."

MrBeast is the moniker for a guy named Jimmy Donaldson. He resides in North Carolina, is 22 years old and currently has just over 43 million plus YouTube subscribers.

Yes, you read that right. 43 MILLION subscribers.

So what is MrBeast doing that's so intriguing? He's apparently known for his expensive stunts and philanthropy. He sells swag for his channel and uses the money to do all kinds of crazy stuff. He's been credited with pioneering a genre of YouTube videos that center on expensive stunts.

For instance, in one video MrBeast and his friends purchase all the vehicles on a used car lot, then proceed to give each car away (mostly free) to people who stop by.

MrBeast also does a lot of 'last to take their hand off of a _____ wins it' challenges which are very entertaining.

I really enjoy when MrBeast gives away money to random people. He's helped the homeless and people who recently lost their jobs during the pandemic.

My favorite, though, came out just a few weeks ago. MrBeast and his crew lit off $600,000 worth of fireworks. The video starts with a $1 firework, and ends with the largest firework you can buy... a $160,000 explosive. It's fun to watch!

For the most part, his videos are clean with minimal profanity. If you get a chance, give MrBeast's YouTube channel a try.


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