Fans of a popular reality TV show, particularly those from/around the Cedar Falls area, watched with baited breath last night as three competitors from Iowa managed to advance to the finals.

American Ninja Warrior has been a staple of primetime TV for over 10 years now. Premiering in 2009, the show features a set of obstacle courses all over the country, with competitors looking to complete each course in the fastest amount of time with their eyes on the $1 million cash prize. The series initially ran on the cable channel G4 before moving to NBC ahead of its fourth season.

Fans of the show gathered at the Ninja U gym in Cedar Falls on Monday, July 31st to cheer on father-and-son Ben and Scott Behrends, both of Cedar Falls. The Behrends became the first father-and-son duo ever to advance to the finals of American Ninja Warrior during the same year/season.

The two made it to the finals by the skin of their teeth, however, as KWWL reports that the elder Scott, who is also one of the oldest individuals to compete on the show in its history, was just 0.26 seconds away from racing.

The Behrends aren't the only two that are representing on Iowa on the ongoing 15th season of American Ninja Warrior. Hudson, IA native Jackson Twait will also be headed to the finals; he was one of the only three competitors to make it through the entire obstacle course on last night's show.

Photo Credit: The AK Ninja, YouTube
Photo Credit: The AK Ninja, YouTube

Scott Behrends owns the Ninja U gym in Cedar Falls. The finals competition is designed as a four-part course in Las Vegas along the Strip. The Behrends will continue to give their hometown something to cheer about as they look to run away with the $1 million prize!

American Ninja Warrior airs on Wednesday nights on NBC.

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