Could the upcoming Amy Schumer/Goldie Hawn buddy comedy Snatched be the Bad Moms of 2017? While last year’s sleeper hit saw some downtrodden moms cutting loose and having a little fun, the new trailer for Snatched explores the tricky bond between a mother and her adult daughter. The Mother’s Day release date underscores the theme of motherhood, and the newly released trailer shows Schumer’s character helping her mom get what’s left of her groove back while on a tropical vacation. They even share a cast member in Wanda Sykes, who appears in the trailer to warn the two women that they’re cruising for an abduction.

And that’s precisely what befalls the two ladies — while enjoying the sun, surf, and sexually competent fellow tourists, they make a couple wrong moves and awaken to find themselves as hostages. While it appears their captors only wish to scam all the money from Schumer’s credit cards (all of which have been secured with the face-palm-worthy code of 1234), they’re not going down without a fight. It’s gonna be one beast of a fight, too, by the looks of it — Schumer smacked a dude’s brains right out of his head, and Hawn’s not going to sugarcoat that for her.

Public opinion has begun to cool of Schumer, with memories of her widely-reviled “Formation” video still fresh in the collective memory. This film could act as a helpful bellwether to determine whether she’s still got the power to draw an audience, because if not, the Amy Schumer-as-movie-star phenomenon could be over before it ever even began.

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