Medical Associates

Yesterday we took our son, Jacob, up to Medical Associates to see his doctor. Our experience lasted about 90 minutes, but I couldn't help but think about essential workers for the rest of the afternoon.When we walked in, they had a temperature station in the doorway for everyone entering. They check your temperature and ask you a few simple questions to check your health, and make sure you have a mask upon entering. There were two ladies there all dressed up in masks and gowns taking care of everyone who came in.

As we walked the hall I saw a woman with a spray bottle and rag, busy wiping railings and common surfaces.

Each of the desks we passed by had employees wearing masks behind plastic screens.

We waited for a few minutes, filled out some paperwork and met with the doctor. I told my wife I was warm and it was rather uncomfortable under the mask.

My wife works at a nursing home and also wears the PPE gear all day to keep herself and others safe. She agreed and reminded me that this is what she has to do on a daily basis.

When we were done and back to my car I removed the mask and took a deep breath. I couldn't imagine having to wear all that protective gear for a full 8 hour shift.

It gave me a moment of pause and made me take a second to think how lucky we are to have so many hard working and dedicated people trying to keep us healthy and safe.

Thanks to everyone who continues to work on the front line fighting COVID-19.


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