Most weekends me and my son, Jacob, take a walk in the Port of Dubuque.

Usually we hit the river walk, get to the train bridge and circle back down by Stonecliff Winery before heading back up towards the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

I've said before that we like to frequent the museum on the regular. In the summer it's another great place to cool off without having to climb over people at the pool.

On our way back up Bell Street, Jacob asked me if Cherry Lanes was open in the Diamond Jo Casino, and if we could stop in for a few games.

When the pandemic started we stopped going to so many of our regular stomps as to limit our exposure to other people, the bowling alley included.

We decided to walk through the ramp and take the elevator up to the bowling alley for a look around. Sure enough, as soon as the doors opened we heard that familiar sound of crashing pins and kids laughing.

It was so hot that day and the cool air conditioning felt good. We paid for a couple of games, grabbed our shoes and ball and made our way over to lane 28.

Everything seemed very clean and we got right to throwing. I was a little rusty but managed a few strikes and it felt good to be back in a familiar place.

I ended game number one with a pretty good 138... not my personal best, but I've never claimed to be the best bowler.

I noticed the snack bar was closed up, as was The Game Sports Bar. I emailed Bob Hochrein, the Director of Cherry Lanes, to ask about the concessions. He said that they are just getting back to normal, so they currently have no weekly specials, but hopefully soon. He also said they will be opening the snack bar soon, as soon as staffing allows.

If you'd like to learn more, you can visit the Cherry Lanes link on the Diamond Jo website.

Just another way to cool off with your kids this summer!

~Chris Farber

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