Over the weekend I asked my son if he brushed his teeth before bed. He said "yes," before shooting me a nasty "did you?"

At that moment, I had not. Typically though, I do it once in the morning and once before bed.

According to the American Dental Association;

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes each time. When you brush your teeth, you help remove food and plaque — a sticky white film that forms on your teeth and contains bacteria.

I've always been a morning brusher... since I was a kid I've always felt self-conscious if I hadn't brushed. I was afraid someone would call me out for having stinky breath, so it was a priority.

As for the other end of the day, running around as a teen and young adult, it wasn't always a priority as like most people in their youth. You would come home late and plop into bed after going all day.

Nowadays I brush at least twice a day. I've noticed as I've aged I have gaps in my teeth that catch food, which is annoying, so I'm always brushing and flossing them out.

I read a recent survey which asked people how often they brushed their teeth. 55% of those surveyed said twice a day. 29% said once a day. 14% claim to do it three or more times a day.

Sadly, 2% of people surveyed say they never brush their teeth.

So how about you? Once, twice or thrice?

~Chris Farber


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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