Summer seems busy enough, and then all at once we're rushing to send our kids back to school.

My wife showed me the supply list for this year and I couldn't believe my eyes! Whatever happened to the days of a Trapper Keeper, a couple of notebooks and a pack of number 2 pencils?

Our son Jacob is making the big jump to middle school this year and will attend Mazzuchelli as a 6th grader.

We had his orientation last night and got a chance to walk through the school for the first time. Any time you start somewhere new, there's going to be a bit of anxiety, whether it's work or school. Jacob hasn't been too stressed, since a large group of his other classmates from last year are going to be with him again.

We sat in the gym for some announcements and then made our way down for his school picture and to pick up his class schedule. (I thought it was cool they were taking the picture before the school year started, so moms could be there to embarrass their kids by fixing their shirts or licking her hand to smooth down their spikey hair.)

We made our way up to check out his locker. We were relieved to see it was right on the end, so it will be easy to find all year. It took him a few tries to figure out the back-and-forth spinning of the combination but he was opening it like a champ in no time.

(I wanted a picture of me stuffing him in his locker like a bully but he wouldn't go for it.)


Then we made our way down the hall to find his classrooms and meet a few teachers. Everyone was friendly and it was a relief to find Jacob's first hour classroom is right around the corner from his locker. We dropped off some of his supplies so there's less to carry on day one and read over the school drop-off policy for the morning drill.

I hope your back-to-school prep is going smoothly.

Have a great year!

~Chris Farber

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