Here in Dubuque, I consider us to be incredibly fortunate. We live in such a gorgeous city! The hills and valleys leave an amazing view from almost every direction and I'm a little obsessed with the architecture of some of our older historic buildings. Not to mention that we are nestled up right alongside the beautiful Mississippi River! To add to the beauty are the amazing art murals that have popped up all over downtown. Now, these murals aren't exactly new, but I wanted to talk about them a bit anyway because I am so fond of them.

Around 40 murals can be found in Downtown Dubuque - all the work of Voices Productions. This effort began after the 2015 Voices Gallery Show. The theme for the event was murals, thus sparking the movement for public street art in Dubuque.

In 2016 and 2017 the art took to the streets, and we keep seeing more and more murals as time goes on.

Photo by Ben Dunegan, featuring his best pal, Bobbie the Bulldog

I always thought it would be fun to do an artwork scavenger hunt. Grab your friends and see who can find all of the murals first! Can you find them all?

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