For the most part I try to take care of myself.

Like everyone else, during COVID-19 I have missed more workouts than I'd like to admit and I've definitely been eating more.

Monday I saw my regular doctor. He really is great.

He asked me about everything. Am I taking my blood pressure pills? Am I exercising?

I'll be 45 in November and I take inventory of every ache and pain I have. When I see the doctor I usually unload all of it on him.

"Well, at your age..." is sometimes how he starts his answer.

Today I saw my eye doctor. He's also great.

I've noticed over the last few years my eyes don't focus on my computer as quickly as they used to and sometimes I see spots.

"At your age..." was how he started his spiel about how my eyes are changing.

Next Monday I go for a follow up with my dermatologist. I recently had a skin exam to check the spots on my body, just to be safe. (I had a grandfather die of melanoma. Even if you don't have a history in your family, it's smart to get anything funky looking checked out.)

At my age, who knows what she's going to find!

Enjoy your youth!


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