I hope writing these words doesn't jinx me, but I've never experienced bedbugs and I hope I never do. The pesky critters are known to infiltrate beds, couches, and other cloth appliances, and can leave you with bites, blisters, or worse, trigger your allergies.

As much as I don't even like to devout any mental energy to these creatures, the wellness experts at PureCare decided to do just that. They analyzed Google data/search trends to determine just how bad the bedbug problem is across all 50 states.

Photo Credit: Borealina, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Borealina, Getty Images

A Look at PureCare's Methodology:

Here's a look at PureCare's methodology and process for gathering this bedbug data:

We used Google Trends to analyze ten of the most searched bed bug-related queries (like "bed bug bites" and "how to kill bed bugs"). The Bed Bug Search Score was measured by averaging the volume of searches across all ten queries. States with the highest score were determined as those with the biggest bed bug problem. For more details check out the full report on this analysis here. - per PureCare's study

The Worst Ten States for Bedbugs:

Per state level search volumes for "bedbugs" and a variety of other related keywords, these states were determined as those with the most prominent bedbug issues:

Worst States RankStates + DCBed bug search score
2West Virginia91.2
8South Dakota72.5
10South Carolina68.2

Iowa is Just Outside the Top 10:

Iowa ranks #11 worst for bedbugs with a composite score of 67/100 based on aggregate search data. That's concerning news especially given the fact that the presence of bedbugs doesn't necessarily diminish in the winter:

When temperatures fall outside, we turn up the temperature inside (warm environment) and hunker down for the winter (warm bodies). This creates the ideal environment for those biting bugs to feed. Of course, if you let in some cold air, the bed bugs are likely to turn on their hibernate mode and leave you alone. - per PureCare's study

Photo Credit: wildpixel, Getty Images
Photo Credit: wildpixel, Getty Images

Where Do Illinois and Wisconsin Stand?:

Illinois and Wisconsin both rank inside the top 30 when it comes to states who grapple with the problem of bedbugs. Illinois presently sits at #24 (with a score of 56/100), and Wisconsin ranks not far behind at #28 (with a score of 53/100). When you look at Oklahoma, the state most bothered by bedbugs with a score of 99/100, the numbers seem quite manageable.

With a score of 33/100, Oregon is the state that appears to have the least trouble eradicating bedbugs.

View the complete breakdown of PureCare's bedbug data via Google Docs.

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