As part of a creative way to raise awareness and funds for a hugely important organization in the Tri-States, one business owner is looking to go "Over the Edge" in support of a great non-profit. 

Judy Faulhaber of Big Apple Bagels will be one of many rappel down the MidwestOne Bank building in Dubuque on Friday, September 15th. The event is called "Over the Edge," which helps support United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States (UWDATS). UWDATS provides support and funds to numerous non-profits in the area.

During the event, dozens of brave Edgers will have the opportunity to rappel down the MidwestOne Bank building on Main Street in exchange for collecting donations to United Way. All funds raised will go to UWDATS' Community Impact fund, which supports 33 local programs impacting health, education, and financial stability & income.

Judy Faulhaber and Katie Wiedemann Talk "Over the Edge:"

Both Judy and Katie Wiedemann of United Way of the Tri-States were kind enough to drop by the studio to talk about all things "Over the Edge." She also talked about her team and how you can support them:

Our team is 'Party Pool Crashers,' it is myself, my son, Collin, my manager, Emily at Big Apple Bagels, and our friend, Jane. We have a lot of stuff out on social media, and there is a QR Code that you can donate on. You can come into Big Apple and donate, and we have donation [canisters] next to our registers. Anything we get is really appreciated. United Way is a great cause, and we live in such a great community. I always like to do things that stay local and help our fellow neighbors. - Judy Faulhaber, Big Apple Bagels

Judy Faulhaber, Steve Pulaski, and Katie Wiedemann. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski
Judy Faulhaber, Steve Pulaski, and Katie Wiedemann. Photo Credit: Steve Pulaski

Donation Dollars Stay Local:

Katie Wiedemann wanted to make clear that money donated for "Over the Edge" will stay local and support many different nonprofits and organizations in all three of our nearby states.

99% of the money that is raised locally is used to help people here in our community. That one percent [left over] is used to help with training for our staff. So, [we really are] a very hyper-local organization. [While] United Way is a national organization, but we are focused on helping 55,000 local lives. That's people in the 10-county area around here, so into Illinois, Wisconsin, and up and down the eastern side of Iowa. - Katie Wiedemann, Vice President of Development for United Way of the Tri-States

How to Help "Over the Edge" Dubuque:

Attend: Over the Edge on Friday, September 15, 2023 at MidWestOne Bank building at 895 Main Street in Dubuque.

Take a listen to my interview with Judy Faulhaber of Big Apple Bagels and Katie Wiedemann of United Way of the Tri-States below!

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