Black Friday is a time when people seek out as many deals as they can find, either in-store or online. Of course, you can use this time to gear up for the release of several half-priced gift certificates to Dubuque and other area businesses via Seize the Deal.

However, if you're curious about tangible items, the website Betway recently conducted a study that looks at what people in all 50 states want to find deals on over the course of Black Friday. Looking at the macro list is overwhelming, so let's stick to Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin residents' wants over the course of the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

Betway's Methodology:

Photo Credit: Hase-Hoch-2, Digital Team
Photo Credit: Hase-Hoch-2, Digital Team

Here is the methodology Betway used to conduct this study, per their website:

With Black Friday in the horizon, Betway have conducted some research into which products people are searching for the most in the run up to Black Friday by analyzing Google Search Volumes for the most frequently searched for words after the prompt “Black Friday deals” and I wanted to see if this could be of any interest to you or your readers?

Iowans Want Deals on Electronics:

7Nintendo Switch
Photo Credit: AndreyPopov, Getty Stock
Photo Credit: AndreyPopov, Getty Stock

According to Betway, a PlayStation 5 is atop Iowans' Black Friday wishlists. It's crazy how those consoles still appear to be so difficult to find despite being on the market for a couple years now. Tires, couches, and even Dewalt items rank highly on Iowans' Black Friday desires, showing the sheer variety of items they're in search of over the course of the big day + the weekend.

Illinoisans Love Their Gaming Consoles:

While a PS5 doesn't top the list for Illinoisans, it's still popular enough to crack their top five most desired Black Friday items this year, along with an Xbox and Nintendo Switch, proving the eternal popularity of gaming consoles.

A new TV comes in at #1 for Illinois, but some other interesting items, such as a refrigerator and luggage (?) also cracked the top 10.

Photo Credit: RomarioIen, Getty Stock
Photo Credit: RomarioIen, Getty Stock
  1. TV
  2. Apple Watch
  3. Couch
  4. Tires
  5. PS5
  6. Xbox
  7. Nintendo Switch
  8. Refrigerator
  9. Luggage
  10. Airpods

Wisconsin Residents Want a New Mattress:

Finally, looking at Wisconsin, you see overlap between their residents' desires (TV, PS5, and Xbox) and those of Iowans and Illinoisans. However, there are a couple differences. Wisconsinites are looking for a new mattress this holiday season, and are also going crazy for Legos and Macbooks, according to Betway.

  1. TV
  2. Tires
  3. iPhone
  4. Couch
  5. PS5
  6. Mattress
  7. Macbook
  8. Gaming PC
  9. Lego
  10. Xbox
Photo Credit: Roman Milert, Getty Stock
Photo Credit: Roman Milert, Getty Stock

To see what folks in other states are shopping for, take a look at Betway's study on their website. Have a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Townsquare Media Dubuque!

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