A restaurant located in Dubuque's Millwork District has announced it will be closing, effective immediately, after just eight months of operation.

Bread & Vine in Dubuque, located on 10th Street, in the heart of the Millwork District, was confirmed closed by CEO Eric Bonnetain on Tuesday, October 17th, per the Telegraph Herald. The restaurant specialized in upscale dining, particularly French cuisine infused with American tastes.

The Dubuque restaurant was an expansion of the popular Galena establishment, located on Main Street. Bread & Vine in Galena will remain open despite the Dubuque location closing.

In addition to statement posted on the restaurant's Facebook page, Bonnetain told the Telegraph Herald that the establishment simply wasn't successful enough to keep operating:

I don’t think Dubuque was ready for my concept. There wasn’t enough of a demographic to keep it going. - per Telegraph Herald

A statement posted on the Bread & Vine Dubuque Facebook page. Photo Credit: Bread & Vine, Facebook
A statement posted on the Bread & Vine Dubuque Facebook page. Photo Credit: Bread & Vine Dubuque, Facebook

Bread & Vine sought to corner the young and relatively affluent individuals who live in Dubuque's downtown district. The restaurant was predicated on hip and modern sensibilities, including dim lighting, a disco ball, and graffiti-esque artwork that gave the appearance of a lounge.

Bonnetain also noted that while weekends proved busy, it was the inconsistent business during the week that failed to keep the restaurant running. He also confirmed to the Telegraph Herald that he'll be searching for a second location in Galena with intent to offer patrons a similar experience to that of Bread & Vine in Dubuque.

Dubuque Main Street Director Danielle Jacobs also commented on the restaurant's unfortunate closure:

The Millwork is a popular spot, so I don’t think we’ll have issues filling that space, … but we also have a team who meets every week that is always coming up with ideas that will lead to more people visiting and enjoying the district,” she said. “I absolutely think an upscale restaurant can succeed there. - per the Telegraph Herald

As for the estimated 15 people who worked at Bread & Vine in Dubuque, Bonnetain noted that he was helping many of them seek other opportunities in lieu of the restaurant closing.

Bread & Vine in Galena will continue to serve food, bakery items, and other small plate items on the tourist town's bustling Main Street. You can find out more about the Galena location via their website as well as their Facebook page.

Read more about Bread & Vine in Dubuque closing on the Telegraph Herald's website.

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