For years, the Midwest has been deprived of a popular southern oasis that has a cult following most businesses can only hope to achieve. Finally, however, Midwestern travelers, and particularly Missouri residents, will be able to experience the thrill of one of the most beloved gas station franchises in the world.

The popular, and oft-viral, gas station Buc-ee's has officially opened its first Midwestern location in Springfield, MO. As of December 11th, the location is now open, just off of I-44 on North Beaver Road in Springfield.

If you've never heard of them, Buc-ee's locations include everything from a bakery, fudge bar, kolaches, brisket, an extensive variety of sodas, coffees, and Icees, and even Dippin' Dots ice cream. They have their own brand of merchandise as well, ranging from shirts, hats, pants, blankets, and their own assortment of snack food.

Buc-ee's also prides themselves on having "the world's cleanest restrooms," although they do not accommodate truckers and don't have a restaurant in-house, surprisingly.

The Springfield, MO location boasts 53,000 square feet and 120 fueling stations for cars and trucks. Everything from fresh jerky to brisket sandwiches and baked goods are served at this location, making it not merely a rest/fuel stop, but a destination for people in the surrounding areas.

The new Buc-ee's gas station is expected to provide roughly 230 jobs for the area with pay ranging from $18 to $23/hour. The other exciting aspect to note is it's not the only Midwestern Buc-ee's that is expected to open in the near future!

Earlier this year, it was announced that DeForest, WI would welcome a Buc-ee's location. When that happening, the DeForest location will replace the Springfield, MO one as "the northernmost Buc-ee's," so to speak. A 73,400-square-foot establishment in DeForest is planned for north of Highway V, just east of Highway I and west of Interstate 39/90/94.

Buc-ee's famously doesn't open locations in large metropolitan areas. Instead, they focus on heavy-traffic areas such as interstates that exist outside of those big cities. For example, one of their locations is positioned on Interstate 10, right between Houston and San Antonio, courting people traveling to/from either respective city.

Read more about Springfield, MO welcoming the state's first Buc-ee's location on KY3's website.

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