Around the same time Dubuque's Central Avenue welcomed a retro video game and toy store, the bustling street is now home to a new custom home décor shop just in time for the holiday season.

The new business is called Butler Homestead, and is a family-run shop that specializes in premade and customizable signs, jewelry, quilts, and other items, per Telegraph Herald. The store is co-owned by Elizabeth and Ron Butler, a couple in Dubuque, who are using this venture as an expansion of their online business.

With the new storefront, shoppers and passersby can get a good look at the inventory the Butler's have, whereas previously, the couple was storing it in their homes and posting pictures on their websites and social media. Per Telegraph Herald, Elizabeth Butler got into online sales by selling her custom T-shirt quilts and "memory bears," stuffed teddy bears made from the clothing of customers' loved ones.

Elizabeth's husband, Ron, came into the business when a post about a neon sign he had made as a birthday present garnered attention online, leading to more custom requests. He handles the sign-making side of Butler Homestead, making signs for individual and business use. He also does woodworking projects too.

Together, the two make up Butler Homestead, which has opened just in time for what is expected to be another busy holiday shopping season in the city of Dubuque. The couple chose a brick-and-mortar Central Avenue location due to its corner-location and its closeness to Key City Creative, a makerspace located on White Street that Butler uses to make some of his projects.

Butler Homestead is the latest addition to what is continuing to be a bustling downtown shopping area for Dubuque as a whole. Butler Homestead's hours are 10am - 2pm Tuesday - Thursday and 12pm - 6pm Friday and Saturday. Future hours could change in order to keep up with demand.

You can find out more about Butler Homestead on their website and their Facebook page.

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