Who doesn't love free stuff? That's the core idea behind one of the fastest rising Facebook groups in Dubuque and the Tri-State area.

Many months ago, my girlfriend informed me of a series of local Facebook groups known as "Buy Nothing." The concept is simple: if you have something you want to give away, you post a photo of it to the page. If you are looking for something in particular, you post a brief message/description in hopes someone has that item. And, of course, if you want something a person is selling, you either comment on their post or send them a message. It's that simple!

Photo Credit: Buy Nothing Dubuque, Facebook
Photo Credit: Buy Nothing Dubuque, Facebook

Recently, someone started a "Buy Nothing Dubuque" Facebook group. Once you're an approved member, you're able to post items of your own you'd like to give away or let people know you want what they are giving away. As of this writing, the Dubuque group has over 1,000 members and multiple posts every single day.!

A little research tells me this started its own little movement called the "Buy Nothing Project." The project's core mission: "We exist to build community. Everything shared on Buy Nothing is given freely. No strings. Free." This is for those who simply want to declutter their own homes and provide something another person can use, free of charge.

Photo Credit: Solen Feyissa, Unsplash
Photo Credit: Solen Feyissa, Unsplash

A quick scroll through the Buy Nothing Dubuque Facebook group and you'll see just how wide the variety of items truly is. Here are some items that have been listed/sold over the last month:

  • Toddler Converse
  • Adjustable bed frame
  • Floor lamp
  • Roku TV
  • Wedding signs
  • Shopping cart cover
  • Smoker

The Buy Nothing Project's website proclaims that the mission has taken off in monumental ways. Across the country, there are 10 million members of Buy Nothing communities with 2,6 million gifts being exchanged per month across 230,000 communities.13,000 volunteers make it possible.

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I can attest that the group has made furnishing my girlfriend's new apartment exponentially easier and cheaper too with so much quality stuff being given away.

Take a look at Dubuque's very own Buy Nothing Facebook group here!

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