Regardless of the generation to which you belong, there's probably been a movie starring C. Thomas Howell that's spoke to you in a certain way. Maybe it was The Outsiders, based on S. E. Hinton's unforgettable novel. Or maybe it was Red Dawn, where he acted alongside Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, other heartthrobs of the time.

Or perhaps it was in one of his countless other roles, from E.T. to Gods and Generals and even The Amazing Spider-Man. Howell's been around for a long time, and he's not done yet. In fact, his newest venture is something few might've expected. While still a recognizable presence in movies, Howell is now a singer-songwriter, with an album and many singles under his belt.

C. Thomas "Tommy" Howell was kind enough to carve out about 30 minutes to talk to me and my girlfriend, Catherine, about all he's been working on lately. From a new movie called Ride to a busy music tour, Howell has been "staying gold," you could say. He even wrote the titular song to the aforementioned movie, Ride, which revolves around the life of a rodeo man, much like his father, and also stars Forrie J. Smith of Yellowstone fame:

Set in Stephenville, Texas, a place known as 'The Cowboy Capital' quietly struggling in a modern world, Ride follows a family built on three generations of bull riders. When the patriarch, John (Howell) discovers that his only daughter's cancer requires an expensive cell-therapy, he faces his toughest ride yet. - per Ride's press kit

In addition, Howell also touches on Soul Man, probably his most controversial film to date, about a white male law student who pretends to be Black in order to receive a scholarship. The film was more of a racial commentary than it was a provocation, but Howell went ahead and set the record straight on how he believes the film should be viewed, especially in context to the larger message:

Howell also talked at length about all things Outsiders, the film that helped make him a star. Beyond talking about the most fun (and difficult) scenes to shoot, he also explained how inspiring it is to see the film and its story of rag-tag Greasers live on in the hearts of many.

Catherine asked him everything from his thoughts on the recently renovated Outsiders house to what other locations he would like to see restored to its original likeness. It led to a fascinating and nostalgic conversation about the classic film.

Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Take a listen to our interview with C. Thomas Howell below, and find out more about his music and his tour dates on his official website!

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