From breaking the NCAA scoring record in both men's and women's basketball to helping the Iowa Hawkeyes secure their third Big Ten Tournament win in a row, and everything in between, Caitlin Clark is a superstar beyond the statelines of Iowa. Of course, there's the record viewership numbers for women's college basketball to quantify that, but then there's little things like this that have potential to have a big impact.

Indiana artist Kwazar Martin has been following Caitlin Clark since last year's national championship game between Iowa and LSU. With Clark's continued success, he wanted to memorialize her accomplishments and the inspiration she is through the art he's known locally for making.

Photo Credit: WTHR, YouTube
Photo Credit: WTHR, YouTube

Indiana Has Its Very Own Caitlin Clark Mural:

On the back of a building owned by his family, Martin painted a huge, colorful mural in Clark's honor. It's not a coincidence it's in Indiana either. With the Indiana Fever of the WNBA having the first overall pick in the upcoming draft, it's widely believed the team will select Clark and she will suit up for the Fever for the 2024-25 season.

Kwazar Martin painted the mural for Clark adjacent to one for Tyrese Haliburton, the Indiana Pacers point guard who is having a breakout season. Fittingly enough, Haliburton played college basketball at Iowa State before becoming an incredible rebound and assist machine in the NBA.

Inspiring Fans and Young Women Alike:

Martin wants the mural to inspire people, particularly young women just like his daughters:

Having her up there, a lot of the little girls can see her and be inspired, you know what I mean? Take pictures and be inspired to push through the same way. - Kwazar Martin, speaking to Iowa's Local 5

Martin was not only inspired by Clark, but also the passion of Iowa fans. He told Local 5 that he's even received requests from Hawkeye fans that are wanting him to paint a mural of Clark in her homeland. Martin added that he heard there was a lot of impressive mural work out there (Dubuque alone shows he's not wrong)!

Even a National Sports Show Now Has a Mural of Caitlin Clark:

Photo Credit: The Dan Patrick Show, YouTube
Photo Credit: The Dan Patrick Show, YouTube

It's also not the only Caitlin Clark mural circulating online this week. One of my favorite sports talk shows, The Dan Patrick Show, commissioned a painting of Clark on one of their studio walls.

Dan Patrick revealed that his friend/street artist painted a fictional basketball matchup of Caitlin Clark going for the basket while Steph Curry tries to guard her. The walls of the basketball court inside Patrick's studio in Connecticut are covered with illustrated matchups that never happened.

Some of those matchups are Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James, Tom Brady vs. Lawrence Taylor, and now Clark vs. Curry.

Caitlin Clark in the WNBA:

Caitlin Clark's far-reaching impact cannot be overstated, as we see here. I'm not only more excited about the women's NCAA tournament than I am the men, but I'm also seriously interested in how Clark will perform in the WNBA.

As stated, it's widely projected by experts that she'll be taken first overall by the Indiana Fever, which is why a mural of her likeness is so fitting in that state.

See more artwork from Kwazar Martin on his official website, and read more about Martin's mural of Caitlin Clark on We Are Iowa Local 5's website.

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