There are a lot of great organizations in Dubuque and our surrounding area. One of which is The Fountain of Youth Program.

This morning the crew stopped in to remind our listeners of the great work they're doing and about their upcoming "Transforming the Future" event on Thursday night, September 30th.

If you're not familiar, The Fountain of Youth Program is a non-profit organization offering personal and professional development with a social/emotional twist. Individuals that need help finding employment or even themselves can participate, with the hopes of escaping from generational poverty.

Caprice says believe it or not, there is an incredible need for their programming. Since the pandemic started their numbers have been growing with people seeking help. Individuals experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts or just needing someone to talk to, able to create goals for themselves and create a direction for their future.

One of the programs they host includes Real Talk, which happens regularly at the Dubuque County Jail and at their office at 220 West 7th Street (in the Town Clock Plaza). There is one meeting for women and one for men once a week where they discuss topics such as being a community asset to criminal thinking versus critical thinking. It gives those in attendance the chance to have a taste of rehabilitating themselves.

Grant mentioned the program also works with one-on-one personal development through their Partners In Change. They also host a number of group discussions that are free-form that allow people to share their life experiences and to support one another through their growth progress.

These happen on Tuesday nights at 5pm at the Fountain of Youth office.

So who can come? Caprice says anyone. Especially those who desire positive change in their lives and want to participate in the process. They have people from all walks of life participating in their programs.

Emily stepped in to chat about The Fountain of Youth's biggest fundraiser of the year, Transforming the Future, on Thursday night, September 30th at the Hotel Julien in Dubuque.

This is an evening used to highlight the organizations successes and outcomes of their participants and to outline upcoming projects in their future. The event will run from 5:30 to 8pm and will be hosted by local motivational speaker Matt Booth.

There will be both a silent and live auction with great items up for grabs thanks to donations from a number of Tristate businesses.

Money raised will be used for the continued operation of The Fountain of Youth and its programs. If you'd like to take part, sponsorships will get your group a table of ten. Individual tickets are available for $50 each.

The Fountain of Youth says that groups like Dupaco, Spahn & Rose and Universal Tank have been huge supporters of their event and programs.

If you'd like more information on the great work they're doing, visit their FACEBOOK PAGE or WEBSITE.

~Chris Farber


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