Any time you scroll on TikTok, you're liable to find a video that will tug on your heartstrings. Some days, it's easier than others to find a video that cuts through the lunacy. Yesterday, I was about three videos deep into a TikTok rabbit-hole before I found the best video I think I'll see all week.

It's been a banner month for Iowa kids who are Minnesota Vikings fans. Earlier this month, a shirtless boy from Denver, IA went viral for imitating quarterback Kirk Cousins' "Kirko Chainz" persona by rocking several plastic chains and being the apple of the Jumbotron's eye. Now, a little dude from Cedar Rapids is doubling down on the cuteness factor after a video of his early Christmas gift went viral!

TikTok user Nate Galvin surprised his son Teegan outside of the Vikings' U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis ahead of the Vikings' matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. Teegan thought they were taking a present to a friend. Instead, dad and his girlfriend, Hannah Holman, told him to open up the gift: a brand new Dalvin Cook jersey AND tickets to the game!

But even mom and dad couldn't have predicted this. The Vikings/Colts matchup went on to be the largest comeback in NFL history. The game went into halftime with the Colts having a seemingly insurmountable 33-0 lead over the division-winning Vikings.

Through a final two quarters nobody could've seen coming, Kirk Cousins tossed four touchdowns and rallied the team to overtime. The Vikings won 39-36, embarrassing the Colts after such a dominant first half performance.

Teegan's surprise was priceless. He thought the three of them would just walk around U.S. Bank Stadium before the Vikings game kicked off. Instead, he was treated to a game that will go down in history. I can only imagine how terrified dad was, fearing he took his son to see his favorite team to get mollywhopped.

The video has now racked up over 400,000 views on SportsCenter's Facebook page, and another 300,000 views from the official NFL Twitter account! Plus over 700,000 TikTok views.

The Vikings sit atop the NFC North division with an 11-3 record and are looking to make some noise in the playoffs in just a few weeks.

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