Did you wake up this morning and find some extra money in your account at Dupaco Community Credit Union?


It's International Credit Union Day, and Erin Engler from Dupaco stopped by to fill us in on what the day is all about, and how Dupaco is celebrating.

How is a credit union different from other financial institutions, like a bank? Credit unions are financial cooperatives which means they are owned by their members. Each member has an equal voice in the credit union and votes for the board of directors, who are all volunteers.

A credit unions' purpose is not to make a profit for stockholders, but rather to serve the financial needs of its members. That's why Dupaco provides their members free credit score education through free Credit History Lessons, credit score access, and credit report access, and through their Money Makeovers.

As for that extra money in your Dupaco account... that's from Thank Use.

Dupaco gives back to its members for using their products and services, like loans, savings, credit and debit cards, Bright Track monitoring, and digital services. The more you use their eligible products and services... the more Thank Use cash you earn!

This year's average payout was $55, with Dupaco sharing about $3.7 million dollars with their members.

If you missed out because you're not currently a Dupaco member, no worries! If you live in the area you're eligible to join the credit union either in-branch or online at the Dupaco WEBSITE.

Even your kids that are 18 and under can earn Thank Use. With Dupaco's Boost category, kids are encouraged to learn good savings habits by making deposits into their savings accounts. (More than 4,800 young members earned $25 in Thank Use!)

Keep up with other things happening at the Dupaco website or on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Happy International Credit Union Day!

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