It's always cool to see someone get recognized individually by one of their heroes. That's what happened this week to my buddy, Jeff.

First of all, I realize that Garth Brooks is not someone you might hear on our top 40 radio station, Y105. (Our WJOD listeners would be much more familiar.)

But unless you live under a rock it would be hard to imagine someone not knowing who he is.

Through the pandemic Garth (and sometimes his wife Trisha Yearwood) host a Facebook live event. They tell stories, sing songs and interact with their fans.

My buddy, Jeff Lenhart, is a lifelong Garth fan. He told me since being a 7 year old first grader in Manchester, he remembers hearing "The Dance," which created an instant connection between Jeff and Garth's music.

Over the years Jeff has been following Garth and was super stoked to land his tickets to see him in concert soon. In fact, out of fear that this could be the 'last' time Garth tours, Jeff informed his fiancé Nichole that they would be seeing him in both Salt Lake City AND Lincoln.

Jeff has even been campaigning for Garth to marry them at his show in Utah.

So imagine Jeff's surprise this week when he was watching Garth's Facebook live event and Garth spent a few minutes reading tweets from his fan. As you can see from the photo above, Garth not only saw, but read Jeff's tweet.

How cool, right?

I don't care who you are... getting a shout-out from Garth Brooks is a pretty big deal!

Keep tweeting at your favorite celebs... you never know!

~Chris Farber


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