Miki Robinson from Bell Tower Theater stopped by this morning to tell us about their current show... "Hate Mail."

"Hate Mail" is a two person show and from what Miki told us, the show is hilarious!

The story is about a character named Preston, who writes a furious letter to a store demanding a refund for a broken snow globe. The character on the receiving end, Dahlia, gets into a war of words with Preston and comedy ensues.

Bell Tower Theater is still using social-distance-seating and other safety protocols, so feel good about scooping up a couple of tickets for some quick date-night fun!

Performances remaining include both this and next Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm. There are also 2pm matinees on both Saturday and Sunday. (8/19 to 8/22 and 8/26 to 8/29.)

Call the box office for tickets at 563.588.3377 or visit the BELL TOWER THEATER WEBSITE.

~Chris Farber

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