About a year ago we did a segment on the morning show called "Wake Up: Unplugged."  People liked it... at least they told me they did... and it featured a variety of local musicians visiting our Y105 studios.

Unfortunately, it became difficult to schedule local folks every Friday morning at 8am as most of the musicians we featured also worked regular 9 to 5 jobs during the week.

Ergo, we scrapped the bit.  But not before we had the chance to meet Natascha Myers.

Natascha is a Waterloo native who graduated from Clarke College and decided to throw herself completely into becoming a successful musician.  How completely?  She packed up all her worldly possessions and moved to music city...  Nashville, Tennessee!

So, you ask, how is she doing?

Well, not too shabby.  Over the last 10 months she has assembled a band of like-minded musicians and plays on the regular at a variety of Nashville locations while writing new music and perfecting her craft.

When she decided to swing back through the area and perform a few Midwest dates, she reached out to see if it was possible to swing back through the studios and fill us in.

Today she spent the morning with me on air, sharing stories and experiences while playing some of her original works that she'll be showcasing tonight during a special performance at The Smokestack on East 7th Street in downtown Dubuque.

The show starts at 7pm and is FREE.

Natascha sounds fantastic, so if you're a fan of live music I really suggest you come out to see her play.

If you'd like more information on Natascha, check out her official website or Facebook page.

Thanks again for visiting, Natascha!  We know you'll make it big!


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