The City of Dubuque is accepting name proposals for the previously named Pyatigorsk Park, located at 16th St. and Kerper Blvd, per a press release from the City.

The park is being renamed using a process approved by the City Council after Travel Dubuque’s Sister City Committee voted to end Dubuque’s sister city relationship with the Russian city in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine. In August, City Council members agreed to remove any signage related to Pyatigorsk.

As a result, the renaming process has commenced.

Photo Credit: City of Dubuque
Photo Credit: City of Dubuque

According to the City of Dubuque Park & Recreation Facility Naming Policy, a proposed new name should generally fall within one of the following categories:

  • Historic events, people, and places
  • Individuals (living or non-living) or groups who have provided exceptional service to the City of Dubuque’s park system, recreation facilities, or the City as a whole
  • Major donations, including land or other contributions for the improvement and/or expansion of the park or trails system
  • Geographic location, such as naming in relationship to an adjacent street

The City of Dubuque also noted that the submission must reflect a semblance of public support:

The submission must contain at minimum the proposed name and reasons for the proposed name. In addition, proposals may be accompanied by documentation attesting to community support for the proposed name, including signed letters or petitions as well as other supporting materials the nominator feels will assist in the review. Park name proposals will be accepted through noon on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023.

From there, Leisure Services Manager Marie Ware will evaluate whether the proposals comply with the naming policy, authenticate supporting documents, and prepare and forward the information to the Parks and Recreation Commission for consideration.

The commission will individually rank proposals and the top five to seven proposals will be brought to the commission during the meeting set to take place on March 10th, 2023. The commission is then responsible for developing their recommendation to be presented to the City Council.

For more information, Leisure Services can be contacted at 563-589-4263.

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