Midwesterners know that when the weather warms and spring is looming, so are ample construction projects. Anyone on the West End of Dubuque knows that the ongoing roadwork on John F. Kennedy Road and the NW Arterial has made things a little precarious.

That being said, the City of Dubuque has announced that their annual asphalt overlay program is scheduled to begin very soon; specifically, in late April.

The City of Dubuque will improve more than five centerline miles on 33 city streets or street sections during the 2023 construction season, per a press release.

The program targets streets that would benefit from an asphalt overlay to extend the life of the existing pavement. The public works department manages the program which includes milling/grinding the existing pavement surface, recycling old asphalt, and repaving streets for a safer and smoother ride.

Unlike street reconstruction projects, property owners are not assessed for costs associated with the asphalt overlay program. Instead, the program is funded with monies from Iowa’s Road Use Tax Fund (gas and diesel fuel tax). The asphalt overlay program is part of the City’s yearly street maintenance activity, which is budgeted as $1.4 million for fiscal year 2024 and calendar year 2023 and includes approximately $650,000 to bring curb ramps up to ADA compliance along the overlaid streets.

Photo Credit: City of Dubuque
Photo Credit: City of Dubuque

The following streets are scheduled for partial or complete asphalt overlay this construction season:

  • Arbor Hills Dr.
  • Beacon Hill Drive
  • Brandywine Park Dr.
  • Brookview Dr.
  • Camilla Court
  • Candlewick Ct.
  • Carriage Hill Ct.
  • Carriage Hill Dr.
  • Carter Rd. (Kaufmann to Asbury)
  • Castlewood Ln.
  • Cherbough Ct.
  • Council Hill Dr.
  • Foothill Ct.
  • Highland Park Dr.
  • Huntington Dr.
  • Judson Ct.
  • Judson Dr.
  • Kane St. (N. Grandview to Carter)
  • Ken Court
  • Knob Hill Dr.
  • Miracle League Drive
  • Oak Ridge Dr.
  • Pasadena Dr. (Hillcrest south to dead end)
  • Powers Ct.
  • Renaissance Dr.
  • Rockwood Ct.
  • Shetland Court
  • Sundown Ct.
  • Tanglewood Court
  • Thornwood Court
  • Thornwood Drive
  • Vail Ct.
  • Wilderness Rd.

An estimated schedule of the projects is available online and will be updated as details are available.

Residents will be notified by mail prior to the start of the project with contact information and parking instructions. Normally, projects can be completed in one week and streets can be driven on soon after paving takes place and as soon as traffic control devices have been removed.

For more information, contact the public works department at this link or by phone, at 563-589-4250. You can also visit the City of Dubuque's website for more information.


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