During quarantine we've tried to keep our kids busy, but thank goodness for our mobile gaming systems.

Our son, Jacob, has a Nintendo Wii. He also has the Nintendo WiiU and his latest system is the Nintendo Switch.

I've tried to play the systems with some success. Obviously as a kid I would invest countless hours, making me the master of many of the Nintendo classics.

We got my son's Switch online. Not only can he join a community of other players for most of the games, it also allows you to purchase games online with a credit card and download the software directly to your system. This is great if you're avoiding going out to the stores.

The download section also features a variety of free downloads. We found the "Nintendo Entertainment System Online" that features many of the classic NES games I grew up with.

At first Jacob scoffed.

"These look cheesy, Dad!"

I took the control and pulled up "Punch Out."

The date on the game says 1987. Has it really been that long?

Glass Joe made his way to the center of the ring to fight my Little Mac. My coach, Doc Lewis was close by giving me pointers.

After a few punches it all came back to me. I destroyed Glass Joe.

My son was amazed!

Next up, Von Kaiser. Then Piston Honda, Don Flemenco and King Hippo. I even remembered some of the timing for special punches to knock down a few opponents quickly.

If you grew up with a Nintendo you should definitely check this out. You can find other classics like "Legend of Zelda" and "Meteroid," too.

Happy gaming!



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