When a popular Dubuque restaurant closed its doors in January 2023, they left the metaphorical door open for a return, or at least an update of some kind. As fate would have it, Valentine's Day 2024 was the date that the since-dormant Facebook page would see some shred of life.

Rusty Taco in Dubuque, located on Asbury Road, adjacent to Natural Grocers, closed in January 2023. The building was listed for sale shortly after the closing was announced. However, Rusty Taco's parting message (see below) ended with the sentence, "Please check our page for an update." Now, an update has been given.

On Valentine's Day, the Rusty Taco (Dubuque) Facebook page posted this message:

Hey Dubuque – just checking in, still big fans of taco, queso and margs right?

Keep an eye on this page... - per the Rusty Taco (Dubuque) Facebook page

The post makes no mention of the Rusty Taco brand name and doesn't reveal any concrete plans. However, it's got people buzzing on social media, with the user/operator of the account responding to several comments from the community.

In a reply to one comment, the Rusty Taco (Dubuque) Facebook page revealed that the new venture will feature "a new team top to bottom, from owners to managers to everyone in the kitchen, bar or at the cash register." 

Another one of their responses was directed to a user who suggested the tacos the new restaurant would ostensibly serve should be bigger. Rusty Taco (Dubuque)'s response was, "Our goal is to win on freshness and quality. And we have some news to share on some new promotions as well."

Photo Credit: Rusty Taco (Dubuque), Facebook
Photo Credit: Rusty Taco (Dubuque), Facebook

Whomever is managing the social media for the new operation is already proving to be steadfast in communicating with their expected customer base. The shuttered Rusty Taco building on Asbury Road has still maintained the same look and feel Dubuque and Tri-State residents instantly recognize, with the blue-and-yellow colors standing out on a busy street.

Rusty Taco has long prided themselves on fresh ingredients made by hand, daily, as inspired by its founder:

Rusty’s commitment to making everything fresh and by hand inspires us daily, but his “little taco stand” is more than just a place to eat and drink. He always wanted it to be a place where everyone would feel welcome. That’s why we make it all with love – from our warm chips to our ice-cold margaritas – so no matter who you are, if you’re hungry, you’re in the right place. - per Rusty Taco's website

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If you're anything like me, you'll be staying posted on the Rusty Taco (Dubuque) Facebook page for further developments.

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