A few weeks ago I told you about my near crisis at the Y105 studio... we ran out of coffee!Little did I know that making this complaint would garner a record amount of calls and messages from listeners and friends asking if they could help.

I guess nobody likes that feeling of not having their morning cup of joe.

We laughed about it in the office and my boss mentioned that when he did mornings he would have no less than a pot each morning!

A pot?!?!

Holy cow. I used to drink two cups every morning and found not only was I flying from the caffeine, I would sometimes feel jittery.

I made the decision a couple of years ago to limit myself to one cup a day. (Sometimes on the weekend if we're out having breakfast I allow myself a warm-up or two if the waitress comes by.)

This spiraled into an office conversation about how much coffee each of us consumed. Answers ranged from "yuck, I hate coffee," to "4 or 5 cups a day."

I did a little research and according to the coffee statistics at www.e-importz.com, the average consumption among coffee drinkers in the United States is 3 cups of coffee per day.

I only drink my coffee black. I always say I like coffee flavored coffee. (Some people put so many syrups and flavors in there, I sometimes wonder if they even taste the coffee.)

Specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20% per year and account for nearly 8% of the $18 BILLION dollar U.S. coffee market... so if I ever get out of radio, look for the all-new "Chris Farber Coffee Stand" at a street corner near you.

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?


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