Waking up daily to a cup of coffee.
Waking up daily to a cup of coffee.

I'm a creature of habit.If you listen to the morning show at all you probably know I start the day the same way every day... A cup of coffee, a banana and a yogurt cup.

I should have known it was going to be one of those days from the get-go.

Last night before bed I forgot to set my alarm. It's not a huge deal as my wife's alarm usually goes off about 15 minutes after mine... but 15 minutes is enough to have me scrambling around the house.

I made it to work ok, but as I pulled out my coffee it was more bad news!

Coffee 2

How could I forget!?!? I used the last of my coffee on Friday!

This week is off to a horrible start... the good news is things can only go up from here!

Have a great week!


(P.S.... I'm hooked on this song!)

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