This morning for our "Community Corner" we talked to Matthew and Anne from "Research For The Kids."

Their crew raises money for pediatric brain tumor and heart defects research programming at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

Over the last 12 years their group has raised an astonishing one-point-seven million dollars for research!

Why is it so personal? Their family has had multiple experiences at the hospital. (Matthew told me he was there recently for a heart catheterization and enjoys the cheesecake he gets after a procedure.)

Not only do they donate money for research, but their family continues to get updates from the doctors who are receiving the money about their latest research and findings.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 and Coronavirus, they will not be able to have their usual fundraising event and auction like they do every September.

Anne said they are doing their best to do a virtual fundraiser this year with their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK PAGE and the Goldrush fundraising page they had set up by the hospital.

If you still want to help out, visit any of those pages and give generously! Anne also mentioned if you're out celebrating in your RFTK swag, be sure to share what you're doing to help fund research with the hashtag #rftk12.

What an amazing family! We're happy to support them in their efforts!

~Chris Farber


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