Today (Apr. 19), our K-pop cup doth overflow: not one, not two, but three new offerings to enjoy.

The precious 6-piece troupe known as Apink, who performed quite well in our K-Pop Madness series back in March, return today with a very special digital single: "Always," a thank you to their fans (the Pink Pandas!) to commemorate the group's 6 year anniversary on their scene since their April 19 debut, Seven Springs of Apink. The sunny, feel-good song fits right in with the troupe's cheerful and sweet image.

At the same time, DIA returns — with two new faces: Jueun and Somyi. Together, they're now a 9-piece unit, and they're celebrating their newest formation with their brand new sophomore studio album, YOLO. "Will You Go Out With Me" is the second release from the LP, a flirty burst of peppy electro-pop that showcases the two new members of the group.

Finally, there's Davichi's Lee Hae Ri, who makes her solo debut this week with h, featuring title track "Hate That I Miss You." True to the vocalist's style, the piano ballad showcases the impressive depth and power of her voice.

They're all great, but which one of the bunch is your favorite?

Watch all three below, then place your vote. We'll reveal the winner right here tomorrow!

K-pop Idols Who Went Solo:

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