I'm always hot. My wife is always cold. An so begins the yearly debate as to when it's ok to start using the air conditioner.

It kinda snuck up on us. We had a few weeks of cooler weather, and then some rain.

Whammy! Over the weekend it was our first real taste of heat and humidity.

I get so ornery this time of year. When I get hot, I get agitated. My wife doesn't overheat as easily so it usually turns into our yearly back-and-forth about whether or not to turn on the air conditioner. We held out with the windows and fans, but I talked to a few friends who told me they broke down and turned theirs on.

I found respite by mulling around my garage and in the basement but I know I was unpleasant to be around this weekend.

When my wife does turn it on it's set to about 72. When nobody is around I drop it to 68 or 69.

It's this little game we play all summer!

I always say "that's what we have it for... to be comfortable!"

How about you... have you broke down and turned on your A/C, or are you waiting for the really intense days of summer?

~Chris Farber

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