Did you spend the last few weeks of 2020 trying to figure out a New Year's resolution? I read a study earlier today that really got me thinking.

Richard Ryan, professor emeritus of psychology for the University of Rochester recently published the results of some research he and his crew had been doing.

To sum it up simply, he suggested not doing traditional resolutions, like being more healthy, losing weight or exercising more.

The reason... most of the time we simply fail.

According to Richard, we pick these 'goals' because we feel like these are things that other people expect of us.

Instead, he suggests choosing something that will make you feel good. Give back to others or do things that improve our world. This way you'll do something positive for others and give yourself a good feeling to boot.... plus, you can always be working at it so you'll never really fail.

As for exercise and weight loss... you can always be working on those things... but at least you'll put a little less pressure on yourself in 2021.

If you'd like to read the article, you'll find the link HERE.

I hope you succeed with all your goals.

Happy New Year!

~ Chris Farber

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