We slipped into November and somehow I missed my chance to talk about 'National Name Your Car Day.'

It was October 2nd and I was going to do an article about it but somehow forgot, until my friend pulled up on his motorcycle this week, which he lovingly dubbed the 'lead sled.'

There was a recent survey done by GM BuyPower Card, which revealed more than forty percent of Americans have a name for their vehicle.

I've never really had a name for any vehicle that I've owned, although I always remember growing up and my dad would refer to his trucks as "Bertha."

Going up a hill he'd pretend we weren't going to make it, so he'd encourage her with a "come on, Bertha!"

Other times he would say "which way do we go, Bertha, left or right?" Then he'd give the horn a light tap and say "oh, ok," before going in the direction she suggested.

Most of the time the kids would just giggle and roll our eyes, but even recently I remember my dad pulling out the 'Bertha' bit as a way to entertain my son, Jacob.

The survey also revealed that many families that name their vehicle treat it like a member of their family, too.

How about you? Do you have a name for your ride, or have you ever? I imagine some people are probably embarrassed to admit it or even say their vehicle's name, but I'd love to hear what you call your ride.

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