Tomorrow night (9/1) the University of Dubuque will host another great show, The Sampson Bros. at 7:30pm.

The guys got to town early today and agreed to stop by the studio for a visit. Before we chatted on the air we talked about where they are originally from.

Sam chuckled before telling me "it's a long story."

He told me about his family living all over the United States and spending some time in California, where his father worked in the movie industry.

"Anything we might have seen him in?"

Sam again chuckled. "Have you ever seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Remember Chief Bromden? Will Sampson was our dad."

Holy cow! That's cool!

Sadly, Sam and Nicco's father passed away in 1987. He left behind nine children, so it's no wonder that a few of his kids would end up entertaining audiences.

Sam and Nicco perform as The Sampson Bros., doing Native hoop dancing to hip-hop. The brothers have been performing for over 30 years and have revitalized an age-old tradition.

The duo strives to give back to their tribe by promoting cultural pride, unity, and hope by setting a positive example through art, music, and dance.

The show was created in part by an award-winning Sicangu Lakota hip-hop artist and music producer from South Dakota's Rosebud Reservation, Frank Waln. He won't be attending this show, but another artist, Tall Paul, an Anishinaabe and Oneida hip-hop artist enrolled on the Leech Lake reservation in Minnesota, joins The Sampson Bros. as a special guest.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Tall Paul's music strongly reflects his inner-city upbringing. From personal expressions of self, to thought provoking commentary on issues affecting Indigenous and diverse communities as a whole, Tall Paul’s music evokes a wide variety of substance and soul.

It should be a pretty fantastic show and a great experience for guests of all ages. Tickets are available at the HERITAGE CENTER WEBSITE or you can call the box office at 563-585-7469 (SHOW).

You can learn more about The Sampson Bros. at their WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK PAGE.

If you need a better idea of what you'll see, check out the video below.

I've taken my family to numerous shows at the Heritage Center. It's a great opportunity to expose your children to arts and cultures they might not otherwise experience.

I highly recommend any of their great shows.

~Chris Farber

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