A six-year-old Dubuque boy is being hailed a hero after he rescued his two-year-old brother from a housefire.

The young boy, Liam, stayed home from school last Monday because he wasn't feeling well. He woke up from his nap and smelled smoke. A candle caught a mattress on fire in the back room of the family's home.

Liam managed to get his two-year-old brother out of the room, and eventually the home. Captain Nick Esch of the Dubuque Fire Department said that the boy was able to race across the street and alert his neighbor so she could call 911.

Captain Esch didn't mince words when he said that the boy's smart, swift action ultimately saved the lives of himself and his family, including his mother.

Now, Liam, who is feeling better, has the title of "honorary firefighter." He was bestowed the privilege before his family and classmates, who commended him for his bravery and quick action.

Liam's story reminds me of all the fire-drills and fire safety week programs that I went through as a kid. One in particular I remember fondly. It was a two-day program at my local firehouse where we learned about smoke detectors and what to do during a fire. On the second day, we even got sprayed by a firehose.

It was the classic mix of fun and educational. I'm sure Liam learned what to do during a fire and how to handle himself at a similar class or school-program.

Fire Safety Week doesn't come around until October, but it's never a bad idea to refresh/improve your own knowledge. You can check out the National Fire Protection Association's website for more information, along with activities your children might enjoy as well!

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