Monday is here. A fresh start to the week! Are you dreading heading into work today? Maybe you need a fresh start with a new job opportunity?

Molly and the gang at Express Employment Professionals to the rescue!

They're located at the corner of JFK and Pennsylvania and want to help you find your next great gig! The best part about Express? It's a FREE service to a job seeker!

If you're looking for more money, better benefits, or a step up in your career, Express probably has that opportunity for you.

Molly popped by today to tell us about their special event that's coming up on Thursday, October 21st from 1pm to 4pm at the Express offices.

If you're a job-seeker in the Dubuque area, you'll get a chance to meet with 12 area company representatives that are all looking to hire you! You'll get in-person interviews and might walk away with multiple job offers.

For instance, Kelly Bogey from Theisen's Supply and Retail will be there. She's their Recruiting Coordinator and joined us in-studio to talk about a few of their opportunities this morning.

Theisen's is currently hiring for several of their locations. At their warehouse and corporate office on Chavenelle Road, they have a few office positions available right now. In the warehouse, they're looking for a few 1st and 2nd shift folks for "picking and receiving" that starts around $15 to $16 an hour, depending on the position and experience.

All 24 of the Theisen's store locations (including their Dubuque and Dyersville locations) have great jobs available. With the upcoming holiday season, they are also looking for seasonal help, including cashiers, sales, and auto technicians. (Theisen's automotive techs also receive a $250 sign-on bonus once you successfully complete your introductory period.)

One of the other positions that's hot at their warehouse is the Rack position. You get harnessed in and taken up on a lift where you pick and pack merchandise.

Theisen's warehouse and retail store are both climate controlled, too!

If you're looking for something immediately, you don't have to wait until the event on October 21st to learn more. Stop by at JFK and Pennsylvania Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm or call 563-583-1600.

My thanks to Molly and Kelly for stopping in for a visit today!

~Chris Farber

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