Just as the Arena Football League (AFL) is fixing to make a comeback, another indoor football league is poised to get started, with its eyes on Dubuque as a potential host city for one of the teams!

Coming in 2024, The Arena League will be yet another football league looking to make a name for itself alongside the USFL, XFL, and the AFL, just to name a few. Full Disclosure: the Arena League is NOT the same as the Arena Football League. The Arena Football League began in 1986, folded in 2019, and is shaping up for a comeback in 2024. The Arena League is a brand new football league that is looking to begin play in 2024.

The Arena League will feature four teams and offer a number of changes/innovations to the game of football, according to its website. Such features are:

  • A 50-yard, indoor field
  • 15-man rosters with players who play both offense and defense
  • Faster-aced games with a "quick" play clock and no huddles
  • Younger athletes
  • Fan input

As of right now, The Arena League is letting fans vote on which towns should be a part of the inaugural season. Both Dubuque and Waterloo made the list of 10 towns, and you can very easily cast your vote for them here! Other towns on the list include Rockford, IL; Kansas City, MO; Springfield, MO; Rochester, MN; Little Rock, AR; Oklahoma City, OK; Duluth, MN; and Wichita Falls, TX.

It's pretty exciting to see that Dubuque is already a finalist to get a team. Also exciting is the fact that the League Chairman and Commissioner will be Hall of Fame wide receiver Tim Brown. Brown won the Heisman Trophy with Notre Dame, becoming the first receiver to win the award, and he would go on to be not only one of the best receivers in Oakland Raiders history, but the NFL as well.

Brown and the rest of the front office will be committed to making The Arena League a promising an lucrative venture. Their mission statement is made clear on their website:

The Arena League is different. We are different to create opportunity. Opportunity for football fans to enjoy the game in a different way. Opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills in a new environment. Everything we do will push the boundaries.

Stay up to date on The Arena League via their website, or follow them on Twitter. Vote for Dubuque to get its own football team here!


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