Aside from spring flowers popping up, there's something else on people's front lawns in Dubuque and the Tri-States that you might've noticed as of late. The bright, lime-green signs encouraging homeowners not to mow their lawns during the month of May are appearing in neighborhoods around the area.

You might be asking: what is this initiative, who is behind it, and what is it for? Let's dig into it:

What is "No Mow May" in Dubuque?:

The concept of "No Mow May" is refrain from mowing your lawn for the entire month in order to help preserve the bee population. It was started by a United Kingdom organization known as Plantlife, but has since gained steady traction in the US with each passing year:

The start of the growing season is a critical time for hungry, newly emerged native bees. Floral resources may be hard to find, especially in urban and suburban landscapes. By allowing it to grow longer, and letting flowers bloom, your lawn can provide nectar and pollen to help your bee neighbors thrive.


Mowing less creates habitat and can increase the abundance and diversity of wildlife including bees and other pollinators. One way to reduce mowing is by participating in No Mow April, No Mow May, or Low Mow Spring. - per Bee City USA


Photo Credit: Sustainable Dubuque
Photo Credit: Sustainable Dubuque

How Can I Get Involved?:

On the homefront, Sustainable Dubuque has been working to further the "No Mow May" initiative online and in-person. You can fill out this form on their website for a free yard sign (while supplies last), and your participation will be noted by the City of Dubuque.

What if I Get Complaints About My Unmown Lawn?:

The good news is, Sustainable Dubuque and the City of Dubuque have worked together to be in agreement that this action is worth taking. The City of Dubuque encourages registering your participation with this form in order to help them determine valid complaints:

The City of Dubuque encourages intentional participation by residents in pollinator conservation efforts, including planting native flowers. If you are participating in No Mow May or a similar initiative and you receive a complaint notice, please contact Tami Ernster at 563.589.4231, or email - per Sustainable Dubuque

For more information about Sustainable Dubuque's "No Mow May" initiative, visit their official website!


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