When it comes to supporting local non-profits, there might not be an easier and more impactful program than Kwik Care.

If you're not aware, Kwik Care has helped raise both funds and awareness for local nonprofits. Each month, Kwik Stop and Dairy Queen help collect donations for a different organization. Donations can be made easily by requesting your total purchase at any of those businesses (including at the gas pumps at Kwik Stop) be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The additional cents used to round up will be donated to the respective charity of the month.

Photo Credit: DuRide
Photo Credit: DuRide

November's Kwik Care recipient of the month is DuRide, an organization that helps transport seniors (65+) to everything from doctor's appointments to recreational activities. DuRide averages roughly 800 rides a month. Their drivers work on a volunteer basis. All it costs the rider is a $45 annual membership fee and $6/ride.

For some, this service is a lifesaver. Without it, they wouldn't get the necessary care they need from doctors. They wouldn't get the socialization aspect that comes with attending church, local meetings, and more. Along with Heather Hamm of Kwik Stop/Rainbo Oil, DuRide's Executive Director Greg Orwoll stopped by the studio to talk about all that DuRide does for seniors in Dubuque, East Dubuque, and Asbury:

Each of [our] rides represents our members' ability to stay connected in the community. It allows folks to stay independent. There are a lot of folks who are members that say, 'if it weren't for DuRide, I wouldn't be able to stay in my home anymore.' Because if you can't get out and about, take care of your own needs, and stay independent, it's very, very difficult...

All month long, Kwik Stop and Dairy Queen will be taking donations that will go directly to DuRide via the aforementioned Kwik Care canisters at the counter or if customers request their purchase-total be rounded up to the nearest dollar (the difference going to DuRide).

Take a listen to my interview with Heather Hamm of Kwik Stop and Greg Orwoll of DuRide below, and be sure to follow DuRide on Facebook too!

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