Jacob's new obsession...
Jacob's new obsession...

It started a few weeks ago when my dad bought my son, Jacob, a new water gun.

Jacob is 10. We've had those tiny water pistols in the past... you know, the ones you have to stop and fill after every three squirts.

When Pops brought Jake the new Super Soaker, you should have seen his eyes light up!

If started with shooting empty soda cans off of a ledge and now we're having nightly water gun fights. ("Fight" is probably not a fair word, as I always get the gun with three squirts!)

I'm in my mid-forties and most days I'm usually ready to plop down on the couch after a long day. With few kids to play with and a constant worry of COVID-19 there aren't a lot of other opponents for him to duel with, so usually he's dragging me out the door after dinner.

At first I'm grumbling about it... but after a few blasts of water and a few giggles and laughs I usually forget about how tired I am and start to enjoy the moment.

The late author Patricia Clafford once wrote "the work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work."

Put down your phone, turn off the TV and leave your work at the office. Enjoy every moment.


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