After a full month of non-stop voting, the results are in...and EXO's devoted EXO-L are officially taking home this year's #SummerFanShowdown crown. (You'll all need to share it with each other.)

Kicking off 16 contestants at the beginning of June, the 2017 Summer Fan Showdown brought the most passionate fanbases together for a head-to-head battle to prove their loyalty to their favorite artists. And after millions of votes, their idols should be proud to see this kind of dedication.

EXO-L ultimately won this year's battle, winning in an incredibly close competition with SHINee's Shawol by just 50.02% of the vote, with a whopping 3,187,371 votes cast in total during the final round.

The group, which recently concluded their Exo Planet #3 - The Exo'rdium tour in May, released their latest mini-album For Life in December. But EXO-L won't have to wait long: S.M. Entertainment confirmed that the boys will be making a summer comeback very, very soon.

We're proud of you, EXO-L — and we're sure EXO are too.

While we wait for the EXO comeback, let us know which June comeback you thought was the best.

Final Summer Fan SHowdown Bracket

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