Wine Storage
Wine bottles should be laid on their side to keep the cork moist in a dark, cool room. Optimal temperature is 45-65 degrees.

Legs on the Wine Glass
Wine legs are droplets of wine that form on the inside of a wine glass. The longer and more plentiful legs is an indication of higher alcohol content.

Cleansing Your Pallet
Contrary to popular believe, using crackers should NOT be used as a way to neutralize your pallet while tasting different wines. Water is the best, neutral pallet cleanser

Swirling the Glass
Swirling the glass brings out the flavors and bouquets of the wine and provides a more in-depth smell and taste.

The Glass Matters
Serving out of a high-quality or crystal glass is preferred. If the glass is too think, it will take on the scents of foreign contaminants (dish soap, etc) and not allow you to truly enjoy the full experience of the wine. You don't want to fill your glass all the way as this doesn't allow you to swirl the wine in the glass (see above). Red wines should be served in a larger, more rounded glass while white wines should be served in shorter, thinner glass.

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