Die-hard fans of the beloved emo-rock band Fall Out Boy who happened to live in eastern Iowa got a surprise call-to-action this weekend when the group sent their fans on a scavenger hunt to a popular Tri-States landmark.

Fall Out Boy posted a clue on their Twitter account this past Friday. The tweet itself featured a photo of a box on the wooden benches in front of the iconic white house at the Field of Dreams movie site. Included in the tweet were the geographic coordinates to the Field of Dreams movie site (42.4978718 and -91.0545909) along with the classic line: 'if you build it, they will come."

It took merely 30 minutes for someone to travel to Dyersville and locate the package. Inside was a seashell marked "2 of 13" along with a piece of paper that said "heartbreak feels so good."

With FOB planning to release their new album So Much (for) Stardust on March 24th, this could mean that a song called "Heartbreak Feels So Good" could be set for a release soon. "2 of 13" could signify that it's the second of 13 tracks on the album, as on January 18th, the band released "Love from the Other Side," a song that was teased as "1 of 13" just two weeks ago.

This is all just speculation, which is part of the fun of a promotion like this. While a release date for their album So Much (for) Stardust has been announced, FOB has left the track-names on the album blank on various streaming sites at this time. Given the way Fall Out Boy has been known to engage with their fans in the past, this seems exactly like the kind of thing they'd try to get people talking.

The fact that the move included Dyersville, IA of all places just makes it that much cooler, in my opinion.

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