I hope it was a nice Father's Day weekend for you.

I kind of wish the weather would have been in reverse this weekend. We had beautiful sunshine and heat on Saturday, but yesterday the showers and storms moved through, so it probably ruined a lot of cookout plans people had with their dads.

I meant to write this post on Friday but things got a little crazy at the station, although it did give me a little time to reflect a bit more on what I wanted to say.

I know everyone says they have the best dad in the world and I hope you are also able to say this. I think I got pretty lucky with mine.

My dad, Barry, was born and raised in Dubuque. Father of six, his pride and joy are his kids and grandkids.

I don't think I've ever met someone else who talks up his family as much as he does. He's available to help at a moments notice and always has solid advice or a quick joke whenever necessary.

As I was growing up, he was busy running the Farber Fruit Company at 18th and Washington Streets in Dubuque, and later he added The Produce Market at 1st and Main. I have awesome memories of joining my dad at work, getting rides on the dolly and helping to load the trucks before going on deliveries.

I feel as though my work ethic was instilled in me by my dad, who was up early every day running the show. Then he'd come home and have some fun with us by tossing us around or treating us all to an ice cream cone.

Pops is generous and kind. I enjoy meeting him on the weekend for eggs or an afternoon cook out and to catch up. Yesterday we drove up to Balltown and enjoyed a nice lunch at Breitbach's Country Dining with my wife and son, my sister Carolyn and her husband, Pippin, and Pops.

I hope you got to have a nice day with your dad, too.

Love you, Pops.

~Chris Farber


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